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Edwin Ordubegian has given me a reason for hope

In a city like Los Angeles, anyone can throw a rock and hit a slick salesperson with empty promises. However, Edwin Ordubegian has given me a reason for hope. This man has profoundly changed my thinking and is a throwback to an earlier era where a man shakes your hand and delivers good on his word. He really made us feel that he was working on our behalf, and not just pushing us in a direction to make a quick sale. He was patient. He listened. He was tenacious. In this current market where houses often receive multiple offers he fought on our behalf behalf and never stopped. He offered sound advice and through his integrity he has built a coalition of like minded honest mortgage brokers, contractors, and insurance providers which he introduced us to. At one point we were resigned to purchase a home that had some flaws and weren’t really thrilled about. Edwin had spent a considerable amount of time negotiating and writing up the offer but sensed how we felt. He threw the offer in the wastebasket and said “You are my client and I promised to find your dream home and I mean that.” Edwin delivered on that promise and we now own a home we are much happier with. I wonder how many real estate sales brokers would turn down a sure sale on behalf of their client. Edwin far exceeded every expectation I had when I began looking for a home and I can truly say if more people and businesses conducted themselves the way Edwin does, this world would be a better place for all.